LUV CBD approached us with an objective to build a luxury holistic health and wellness brand, and a robust social media presence with an engaged community of like-minded users.

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LUV CBD was in need of a local Portland-based Social Media Marketing partner to team up with them to build and grow a high-end luxury health and wellness brand that included a robust and engaged social media community. The main challenges centered around CBD and how we could help LUV navigate the intricacies of the CBD regulations within social media mediums (organic and paid media).


The opportunity and challenge to help grow this brand from the ground up was exciting to us. We were inspired by the story of this startup, and their mission to help women across the world live healthier lives, and eager to help get the message to the right people. LUV CBD already had a team of designers and marketers that we were able to team up and collaborate with which made achieving this giant task possible.


After an intensive deep dive into LUV CBD’s business goals, we developed a strategy that prioritized the brand’s mission and message. We developed a social media content strategy that would be planned out months in advance, with key performance and growth goals identified.


With the strategy in place, we worked in harmony with LUV CBD’s design and PR teams to execute. After two successful Photo and Video Productions, and a comprehensive audience research session, we had the content and data we needed to create a successful social media strategy, which included both organic and paid media.


We delivered a robust and engaged online social media community of over 13.6K followers on Instagram through an integrated approach utilizing both paid and organic media. We accomplished this goal one month before expected. We developed a brand that effectively communicated the message of LUV CBD, and bridged the gap between high-end luxury and holistic health and wellness. We also generated over 2.3K email leads through social media advertising.

New Instagram followers
Emails generated using social ads
1 Million+
Social Media impressions reach
Branded Instagram profile